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Importance of Dental Implant Procedure

You will have to make a wise decision when you are choosing a procedure of dental implant. This is because you are dealing with a delicate issue. Type of denture or bridgework is what will determine the kind of treatment that you are going to get. Today you have got a variety of options that you can go for if you are looking for the dental implant. Dental implants leaves you with a natural look. You will never be able to tell the difference with natural teeth. This is why a good number of people go for it. In addition you will have permanent teeth with no jaw bone loss at all. This is a high tech surgical process for the entire procedure.

Subperiosteal dental implant and endosteal dental implant are the two dental implant poroceedures. In the procedure named subperiosteal the teeth will be put on top of the patients jaw and the metal framework will be able to protrude through the jaw so that it can be able to hold the jaw. If youi choose to go for endosteal the tooth is fixed to the jaws of the patient with the aid of blades, screws and even cylinders.

A dental implant is a permanent solution. This is whey you they are able o last long as natural teeth. An assessment is the first thing that a dentist will do. This will make them be able to carry out a procedure on that particular patient. This is because it is not everyone that can qualify directly for the process. It will all depend if you have enough jaw bone for the dental implant. If there are not then you will need to have some bone graph. If you do this then you will need some time in order to be able to do the actual dental implant.

If you have enough jaw bone then the procedure can begin. During the procedure the dentist will create a pilot hole into the jaw bone through your gum. They have got to take very good care in order not to damage the facial nerve. A titanium screw will be used to anchor it within the bone. A protective covering will then be added.

It will take close to a three to six months for the titanium screw and jaw bone to be held together in place. This fusion process is referred to as osseointegration. This is just but a guarantee that the teeth is as strong as a natural one. It can also be able to last for a longer time. The screw will then have a temporary crown placed o it after the entire healing process is over and one with.

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